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Cleaning high windows can be a real challenge. Faster, easier and safer than working on a ladder, this professional-grade window-washing set does a superb job, leaving glass clean and streak-free with little fuss.

What makes it so efficient is the clever dual-head design, with a microfiber scrubber on one side and a rubber squeegee on the other. This lets you scrub and wipe the pane without having to lower the tool, switch heads, then raise it again, which not only saves time and effort but also gives the window less chance to dry in between, preventing streaks.

For light cleaning, you can set both tools on the same side so the squeegee follows the scrubber, letting you complete both operations in a single pass. For windows that require more scrubbing, you can set the tools on opposite sides so they can be used independently, switching from the scrubber to the squeegee by simply flipping the tool over.

Made by Moerman, a fifth-generation Belgian company specializing in cleaning tools since 1885, it is sturdily constructed from strong, lightweight plastic, with removable scrubber and squeegee attachments, each about 13 1/2" wide. The dense microfiber scrubber holds a good amount of soapy water, scouring build-up while being gentle on glass. Made of thick, flexible rubber backed with a rigid aluminum spine, the squeegee maintains good surface contact and has tapered tips to reach right into the corners of the window frame. While both are made to last, we offer spare scrubbers and squeegees to replace any that become worn or damaged.

The set comes with a tapered plastic adapter for a secure press-fit connection on the threaded tip of the included telescoping pole, which extends from 76" to 16', allowing a person of average height to reach up to 22' above the ground. Made entirely of aluminum, brass and high-impact polymer, the pole (with or without the adapter) can also be used with other attachments such as paint rollers and scrub brushes.

Adapter made in USA; pole made in Canada.

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