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These excellent vent connectors solve a real problem by eliminating the kinked and crushed snake of flexible duct hose many of us have behind our dryers.

They also make it easy to dock and undock your dryer for vent cleaning, or retrieve objects that have fallen beside or behind it.

The two self-aligning connectors (MV-90 for surface-mount duct and MV-180 for in-wall duct) have a magnetic ring with a short, flexible section that attaches to your dryer (12 1/2” maximum extension). A formed steel collar then mounts on the wall, allowing you to use rigid or semi-rigid metal ducting, which decreases lint accumulation and promotes freer airflow. This boosts dryer efficiency so it takes less time and electricity to dry a load of laundry, saving you money.

If your vent connection is not directly behind your dryer, the MV-Flex connector is designed for use with any length of expandable duct hose (you supply) to connect to wall ducts at odd angles or greater distances from the dryer vent.

Compatible with standard 4" diameter dryer ducts, each fitting is largely made from well-formed, rigid heavy-gauge steel. All have surface-mount brackets that screw in place to hold the collars securely. Installation is a breeze.

Very well made in the USA, these carry our highest recommendation.

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