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The most powerful flashlight in the line, the Q7XRS is remarkably bright, with 2000 lumens at full intensity to illuminate up to an incredible 345m (1130') away.

Not only does its higher-capacity lithium-ion battery give a longer run time of up to 15 hours at 200 lumens, but it also comes with a spare battery so there’s no need to wait for recharging.

It has a five-mode toggle switch – full intensity, 1000 lumens, 200 lumens, dimming from 1000 lumens to 6 lumens, and strobe – and a thumb-operable telescoping lens for adjusting beam focus from a 15° spotlight to a 75° floodlight.

It measures 6 1/4" and comes with a lanyard and a belt case with a slot for the spare battery.

It also includes a recharging station with both standard and USB power plugs.

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