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This isn't just a flashlight. In addition to the narrow-focus spotlight beam, it has a telescopic body that opens to reveal a wide-angle LED task light, which bathes a large area in bright white light without hotspots or harsh shadows. With chip-on-board (COB) circuitry that ensures more even light diffusion than conventional LEDs, the task light's 16-LED array provides broad coverage, clearly illuminating a 10' dia. area from just 4' away.

To use either the flashlight or task light hands-free, you can stand the body upright on a level surface or affix the magnetic base directly to a steel surface. About 6 1/2" long (8 3/4" when extended), it has a rugged aluminum housing with machined ridges that provide good grip and help keep it from rolling.

Runs on four AAA batteries (not included). A practical, versatile light.

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