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Made of thin, paper-like slices of pine, these Japanese pads not only have the unmistakable look, feel and even the smell of natural wood, but they also have a unique story about how they came to be. Over 40% of Japan's woodlands are now cultivated, requiring regular thinning to maintain their ecological health. As Japan's timber industry declines, these products put harvested wood to good use, bringing needed revenue for sustainable forestry management, while helping to preserve a disappearing traditional craft.

In the same way it has been for centuries, this kyougi paper is made by planing sheets from a block of wood. The sheets of each pad come from a single block, so the pattern of growth rings is continuous, varying only slightly from one page to the next. The unbleached, untreated sheets are semi-translucent with a silky-smooth surface that takes ink, pencil and paints well without colors bleeding through.

We offer a 3" × 4" flip-style notepad and a 4" × 6" memo pad, each containing approximately 50 sheets, with a cover and backing made of stiff paper with an embossed Lee Valley & Veritas logo on the front.

As with most natural materials, minor variations in color, texture and other characteristics are to be expected. Made in Japan.

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