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This retractable canopy kit is a convenient way to make shade an option for an outdoor structure. Designed to fit inside a 10' square frame, such as on a pergola, the canopy can be extended or retracted at the pull of a cord, letting you enjoy as much sun or shade as you like.

The knitted high-density polyethylene fabric (280g/m²) blocks 90% of the sun's rays and has UV, mold and mildew inhibitors. The fabric is also permeable to allow rain to pass through, minimizing strain on the fittings by preventing water from accumulating on top.

The canopy is supported by a series of guide cables threaded through grommets in the pleats of the fabric; a pulley mechanism, together with rods that stiffen the pleats, ensures the canopy tracks evenly when you pull the nylon cord. The brackets, cables, pulley and cleat are marine-grade stainless steel, and the pleat rods are non-rusting aluminum.

Includes all required parts and hardware (including stainless-steel screws) for installation on a wooden structure.

Shade dimensions are 9 1/2' wide and just under 10' long.

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