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A classic outdoor game, pétanque has been popular in Provence, France, for over a century – and for good reason.

With simple rules and easy gameplay, it's quick to learn and can be enjoyed by just about anyone. You can play on short grass, sand or dirt, with no need for a flat surface; uneven terrain actually adds an element of unpredictability, allowing luck to sometimes trump skill. Players take turns tossing or rolling a ball as close as possible to the small jack ball. There is no run-up as in boules (the name is derived from pieds-tanqués: “feet planted”) and the beechwood balls in this set are lighter than metal boules, so a player’s speed and strength are not important. Because you can displace an opponent’s ball with a well-aimed toss, the score isn’t settled until the last ball is thrown.

This two-player set includes six 2 3/4" diameter throwing balls in two colors (three for each player) and two 1 3/8" diameter jacks. A plastic carrier is provided for storage. Made in the Jura region of France by a small family-owned company.

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