Accessibility Statement


These are really comfortable belts. Though the tight-weave cotton webbing is rugged enough to last for years, it's also supple so it won’t dig into your waist when you bend. The slider-style buckle lets you cinch the belt at any length – you'll never need to pierce a new hole to get it to fit “just right,” and you can even loosen the belt while still wearing it (just in case you find yourself having to accommodate that second helping of pie!).

The buckle is made of steel with a plated antique-brass finish and stamped with a Lee Valley logo. The belts are 1 1/4" × 54" and can be cut to length. When trimming the belt, it helps to seal the end with cyanoacrylate glue to prevent fraying. We recommend applying the glue and letting it cure before making the cut.

We offer the belts as a set of two belt straps (one brown, one olive-green) with a single buckle that can be switched from one belt to the other whenever you wish. The buckle is also available separately for use with any woven belt about 1 1/4" wide and up to 3/16" thick. A practical design and excellent value.

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