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This item is discontinued. Available while quantities last.

This product makes it easy to check for prize statements hidden under the rims of paper coffee cups in various contests. Essentially a curved clip with two integral (covered) blades, it slices the cup rim twice (1 1/8" apart) when pushed down, and an internal lip unrolls the paper edge when it's pulled up. Push, pull and you're done. 2" high, 1 1/2" wide, with an attached split-ring.

When we were first shown the Rimroller, we recognized immediately that this was an elegant, well-designed, and well-manufactured product at a very reasonable price. We also recognized that the inventor, Paul Kind, had plowed a ton of time and capital into bringing the product to the point where it was ready to market. We felt it was important to support domestic manufacturing, cultivate innovation and reward entrepreneurship. For an inventor, the successful marketing of a proprietary design isn't always about the revenue; it's often more about the external validation one gets from each sale. Each sale is the business equivalent of applause, and we think Mr. Kind deserves a standing ovation.

Invented and manufactured in Ottawa, Canada.