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Designed in New Zealand, a country known for frequent windstorms, these umbrellas have a system of resilient fiberglass ribs that flex to absorb force from any direction, maintaining consistent tension throughout the canopy. They always spring back to their original shape, even after a sudden gust that would easily collapse other umbrellas or turn them inside-out. The rib tips are gently rounded so you can carry one in a crowd without risk of poking anyone. They open smoothly, and close with just a light downward pull on the central hub.

Each has a strong, lightweight tubular-steel shaft and a cushioned, bulb-shaped handle for a comfortable grip. And of course, they do a fine job of keeping you dry – both are made of a durable polyester fabric that repels even the heaviest downpour. Water beads right off, so the umbrella dries with just a light shake.

For travellers, transit riders or those who prefer a smaller umbrella, the XS Metro model has a compact shape and a telescoping shaft for portability. At the push of a button, it springs opens to 22 1/2" tall with a 37 1/2" diameter canopy, and collapses into a 14" × 2 1/2" diameter bundle that slips neatly into the included sleeve. It has a 2 1/2" handle with a nylon wrist lanyard. Rated to withstand 50 mp/h (80 km/h) winds.

The full-size Classic model has a 47 1/2" diameter canopy that opens manually and a 33" one-piece shaft. It has a 5" handle and a hook-and-loop belt to keep it closed when not in use. Rated for winds up to 72 mp/h (115 km/h).

These are very good umbrellas – if anything happens to one within two years, we will replace it! They have a UV protection factor (UPF) of 40 and block 99.75% of the sun's UV rays.

Tremendous assets whenever the weather turns foul.

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