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Easy to use, this device speeds up the process of pressing blooms and foliage for use in a wide range of projects, from card making and scrapbooking to mounting flowers under glass. For use with a standard microwave oven, it produces consistent results in minutes, effectively drying and pressing plant material while preserving its color well.

It comes with two absorbent pads of wool felt and a pair of washable cotton liners that sandwich between the hard plastic 5" × 5" plates. Slide-on clips hold the components together, pressing the plant material between the layers. Microwaving forces moisture out of the blooms through the wool and out of the press.

In our testing, we pressed flowers in under a minute, but times will vary depending on your microwave’s power and the moisture content of the flora. For large projects, you may wish to purchase replacements for liners that become worn or stained through prolonged use.

Comes with detailed instructions and helpful pressing tips. Sure to be a favorite with hobbyists and flower lovers.

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