This polymer clay can be molded like natural clay, but is fired at only 275°F (130°C) in an oven. It is widely used for costume jewellery and dolls. The main users in woodworking are model makers (props for dollhouses, train sets, etc.) and carvers (bases, mixed media carvings, etc.).

The 1 lb block of Super Sculpey is ideal for designer prototypes (can be used on armatures), carving bases and general modelling, since it is a completely dead material that models well, is not brittle after baking and is very chip resistant. It comes in a peach color, but can be mixed with colored Sculpey or detailed with acrylic paints. Can be power carved or sanded after baking.

The sampler pack has 30 one-ounce blocks in different colors.

An extruding gun with 19 different nozzles is available separately.