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Kumihimo is the ancient Japanese art of braiding cord to make everything from headbands, necklaces and bracelets to clothing trim, bookmarks and belts.

This introductory kit is ideal for beginners and has all the elements needed for eight-cord braiding, but the disc is also designed to accept 16- and 24-cord braiding patterns as users progress.

Using different combinations of colored cords, it is possible to create diagonal stripes, diamonds and triangles on a background and even small six-petal flowers.

The kit contains one 4 3/8" braiding disc, four 9' lengths of rattail satin cord, eight bobbins, one tension weight, an end clasp and detailed instructions.

Bobbins are available separately in packs of four.

We also offer 40-yard lots (four hanks of 10 yards each) of single-color and multicolor rattail cord separately.

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