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Not all cord is created equal. Although it’s essential for countless uses around the home and workshop, cord of decent quality can be hard to find. This cord is very well made – and at a price that won't make you hesitate to use "the good cord" for general utility purposes.

Nylon parachute cord, or paracord, is valued for its impressive strength while being lightweight and easy to handle. Ours has a braided outer sheath enclosing seven inner strands that can be pulled out and used independently for tasks that require a thinner line. Resistant to damage from UV, rot and abrasion, it has a smooth, supple texture and moderate stretch, making it easy to tie without binding, so knots can be untied with minimal fuss. It’s useful to have on hand for everything from wrapping tool handles to keeping the kids busy braiding bracelets at the campsite. 4mm diameter cord with a tensile strength of 550 lb, supplied in 50' spools.

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