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If you like to travel light, you'll appreciate this wash bag that lets you clean your clothes wherever you are. The bag is large enough to wash a change of clothes in one load with only a few minutes of work.

You simply add water and soap, roll the top of the bag a few times to form a watertight seal – a valve lets you remove excess air – and then rub the contents against the internal silicone washboard. Use fresh water in the same bag to rinse the clothes before hanging them to dry.

The bag is made from nylon fabric that has been neither bleached nor dyed. It has a window to let you see the contents and a rubberized bottom to help keep it in place while you scrub. It folds flat and weighs less than 5 oz, making it easy to pack, and doubles as a way to keep clothes or other essentials dry.

Measures 8" in diameter and 21" long when open. A convenient way to make the clothes you pack go further.

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