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Keeping sticky pastry dough under control while rolling out a consistent thickness for even baking is a real challenge, but these tools can help.

The dough mat has a non-slip backing so it stays put while you work, and dough won't cling to its nonstick surface. The mat measures 18" × 24 1/2" and has pie-baking tips, recipes for single, double and lattice pie crusts, and care instructions printed on it for quick reference.

The flexible silicone dough thickness guides can be positioned to accommodate the width of your rolling pin, elevating it so you can roll dough evenly. They are 18" long and offered as a set of three thicknesses: 1/16" for tarts and galettes, 3/32" for pies, and 1/8" for cookies.

The rolling pin, at 18" long and 2" wide, lets you roll large pieces of dough and has a nonstick surface to release dough readily. Lightweight (about 8 oz) and easy to maneuver, the pin has removable end caps so you can store the dough guides inside when not in use. Various colors, depending on supply.

The kit includes the mat, three pairs of guides and the rolling pin. Also available individually.

Made in USA.

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