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Making pizza at home lets you personalize it to your liking, but the challenge is how to mimic the results of a traditional pizza oven. These stones are made of cordierite, a natural mineral that is heat resistant to 1470°F (800°C). The same material used to make kiln shelves, cordierite is durable and, unlike ceramic, won’t crack or shatter if subject to sudden temperature change, so the stones are excellent for use in a barbecue. What’s more, they draw moisture out of the dough to ensure an evenly cooked and crispy crust.

Each 3/8" thick, 7 1/2" square stone can be used to bake four individual pizzas or grouped together in various configurations for a larger pizza (up to 7 1/2" × 30” rectangle, or 15" square when using all four stones).

They can also be used in an oven and to cook other items such as breads, bruschetta and quesadillas. Hand wash only.

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