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Special buy. Limited stock.

Pizza stones of this size and quality typically cost much more, but we were able to buy these U.S.-made stones at closeout pricing and can offer them for about half of what comparable items usually sell for.

To recreate the results of a traditional stone-walled pizzeria oven, this pizza stone is made of nearly 1/2" thick ceramic, which holds a large amount of heat to yield a crisp, evenly baked crust with less risk of burning than with steel or glass bakeware.

Oven-safe to 550°F (287°C), it comes ready for use without having to season it first. Its slight eggshell surface texture resists sticking, but as with many types of cookware, it only gets better over time, becoming even more stick-resistant as it darkens through repeated use. It measures 15" in diameter, with a slight raised edge and stout molded handles.

Not just for making pizza, it also makes an interesting alternative for baking anything from bread to nachos and even cookies.

Hand washing recommended. Not suitable for barbecue or campfire use.

Made in USA.

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