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Well insulated and virtually indestructible, these thermal tumblers do a terrific job of keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. Designed in 1946 by two Detroit engineers, the sealed, double-walled construction surrounds the contents with an insulating air space that prevents rapid temperature change. The tumbler remains comfortable to the touch, no matter how hot or cold the liquid inside may be. This also means the sides won't sweat, so a cold drink won't ruin a table finish if set down without a coaster.

Although the clear BPA-free polymer looks nearly identical to glass, it is highly impact resistant, easily surviving a fall from table height without any damage. The tumblers also happen to float if dropped overboard or into a swimming pool, even when filled. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, they are safe for use in a dishwasher, freezer or microwave oven.

The 16 oz size is available with a Veritas or Lee Valley logo, or plain (clear); the 12 oz tumbler is available in clear only.

Available separately, the press-fit travel lid (for the 16oz size only) has a slide closure to help prevent spills. These tumblers will quickly become favorites in the workshop, on the road or at home.

Made in USA.