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With this manual juicer, you can enjoy freshly squeezed juice with minimal noise and effort.

It makes light work of pressing anything from a key lime to a pomegranate or grapefruit, quickly extracting the juice but leaving the skin, seeds and pith behind. The 13" handle and sturdy compound hinge boost leverage, so you don’t need the muscles of a weightlifter to apply tremendous force. At the end of each squeeze, cushioning bumper pads ensure the handle doesn’t come to a jarring stop.

The 18 1/2" tall press weighs over 14 lb (6.5kg), with a heavy base and non-slip feet to remain stable in use on a countertop.

A serious juicer that’s built to last a lifetime, it is made entirely of metal, with all food-contact parts made of dishwasher-safe, food-grade stainless steel.

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