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Some years ago we bought a large quantity of antique French carbon-steel knives. One that became legendary in its popularity was a style of knife that would have been in every peasant's home a century ago, and which commonly would have been the only kitchen knife in the home. It was a knife that could do anything from splitting turnips to finely dicing herbs, and could deal with any other slicing and chopping activities in between. We have had it replicated in every detail — size, handle shape, high-carbon steel blade, etc., except we have used resin-impregnated wood for the handle in place of the original unfinished beech.

The carbon-steel blade takes a finer edge than stainless steel, and is easier to resharpen. Since carbon-steel blades invariably darken in use, we include simple instructions on ways to keep it shiny.

The great strengths of this knife are its general shape, balance and size. You may have other knives, but this is the one you will use most often.

Measures about 12" long overall with a 6 3/4" blade. Comes in a fitted presentation box.

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