These finely crafted kitchen knives blend traditional Japanese laminated blade construction with modern materials. Each forged blade has a VG-10 high-carbon stainless-steel core, an alloy that takes and holds an exceptionally keen edge, combined with outer layers of softer stainless steel for increased strength and easy maintenance. The triple-pinned handle scales are Micarta, a durable, stable fiber-epoxy composite used in many professional-quality knives.

With a blade only 83mm long, the paring knife is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables. The 150mm and 120mm utility knives resemble the chef’s knives but are smaller and more maneuverable. The versatile 210mm and 175mm chef's knives are mainstays that do everything from fine dicing to sectioning meat. The 170mm santoku (which loosely translates to "three virtues") is especially well suited to three tasks – slicing, dicing and mincing.

Knives sold individually. Each comes in an attractive presentation box.

A starter set of three containing the 83mm paring knife, 150mm utility knife and 210mm chef's knife is available separately.

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