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Discontinued. Limited stock.

With a unique balancing system of adjustable weights in their handles, these knives not only let you change their overall weight but also their center of gravity, allowing you to customize them to suit your preferences.

When we took them to a local culinary school for testing, both the teachers and the students were enthusiastic about the improved comfort and control they experienced.

Each knife is made of a stainless steel that provides good edge retention and has a high chromium content for corrosion resistance. The blades taper from a 1/16" thick spine to a well-honed edge. Their handles are comfortable to hold with a lightly textured surface to improve grip and a seamless blade-handle transition that makes them particularly easy to clean.

The 8" chef's knife is a good size for slicing, dicing and sectioning meat. At 6 1/2", the utility knife is a smaller and more maneuverable option to the chef's knife. The 5" petit knife is for light cutting, peeling and slicing. The 7" santoku is a Japanese-style knife for chopping, dicing and mincing. Its fluted blade helps prevent food from sticking.

All include a range of weights and spacers, allowing you to experiment and fine tune the weight and balance; instructions to guide the process are included.

These are exceptional knives, particularly for anyone who use knives frequently or for extended periods.

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