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This scale is durable, accurate, lightweight and easy to use, and at only 5" × 6 1/2", it takes up very little counter or shelf space.

One of its best features is the "tare" function; you can put an empty container on the scale, press the "on/tare" button, and the scale automatically zeroes, ignoring the weight of the container. This then allows you to use the container for accurately weighing any liquid or dry contents since the container weight no longer registers.

The scale weighs in kilograms, pounds, ounces and grams and you can easily switch between units, making it possible to prepare recipes in metric or Imperial units or both. A further useful feature is that the base unit is sealed so you can press buttons with gummy fingers and later wipe it all clean with a damp cloth.

The scale is accurate to within 1% and weighs items up to 11 lb (5kg). The scale itself weighs only 7.7 oz (0.22 kg) and is powered by two included AAA batteries. An automatic shut-off maximizes battery life.

Not legal for trade.

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