Accessibility Statement


Special offer. Limited stock.

Sometimes we receive products that don’t quite match our original specifications. That was the case with one shipment of these aprons that were made from a lighter-weight fabric rather than the heavy canvas material we normally use. They’re still perfectly useful aprons, well designed and well constructed from 100% cotton, and will protect your clothing during everyday tasks while offering excellent comfort and freedom of movement.

The machine-washable apron has cross-back shoulder straps to prevent neck strain, a generously cut bib for ample front and side coverage, and easy-to-operate quick-release clips on the adjustable shoulder and waist straps.

It measures about 26" long by 21" wide, with compartments in the top pocket to hold pencils, rules or small tools. The two 9" × 5 1/2" bottom pockets can hold various tools or simply provide a comfortable spot to rest your hands. They have side ports for easy access and to help keep out debris, and their angled inside corners don’t trap small objects.

Made in Canada, with piped edges and sturdy stitching throughout, this is a good-quality apron for a great price. Although it didn’t cost us any less to make, we are offering it at a reduced price, available in limited quantities.

Small size only.