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A comfortable, practical way to protect against dust and flying debris, this pressurized hooded face shield and mask system provides a positive flow of filtered air that moves from behind the head and over the face, exiting under the chin. Since this positive pressure constantly forces air out of the mask, external contaminants can't enter through potential gaps. The included dual filters are designed to capture up to 98% of dust particles as fine as 0.6 microns in diameter, and an airflow indicator provides a visual cue when the filters need to be cleaned or changed.

The polycarbonate impact-resistant visor (meets ANSI Z87.1 standards) stands away from your face, accommodating prescription glasses, while the directed airflow eliminates any fogging (and helps keep you cool). Additionally, a replaceable peel-and-stick film overlay protects the visor from scratches.

The relatively quiet blower runs for up to 8 hours on the included rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Weighing about 2.2 lb, the well-balanced unit has a moisture-wicking headband that adjusts for secure fit and allows the visor to be lifted away from the face for convenience. Supplied with a charger, a storage bag, and clips designed for the optional Ear Defenders hearing protectors (sold separately).

Replacement air filters and visor overlays are also available.

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