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Comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, these in-ear hearing protectors are less bulky than earmuff-style protectors, so they won’t get in the way of a hard hat or other headwear. They have a high Noise Reduction Ratio (NRR 22) and are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, maintaining up to two active wireless connections – to monitor a phone and a communications radio at the same time, for example.

The noise-cancelling microphone lets you communicate over either channel without having to remove yourself from a noisy environment, and the rechargeable battery (USB cable included) provides 7 hours of talk time. They have an IP45 rating, ensuring resistance to perspiration as well as exposure to rain or other spray.

They come with one pair each of small, medium and large foam earbud tips (medium fits most; replacements sold separately) as well as a pair of conical earbud tips for listening to audio without added hearing protection. The hard-shell pocket case also contains a power cell with reserve capacity for two full charges. ANSI-certified; OSHA-compliant.

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