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This collection of articles from Fine Woodworking magazine offers a wealth of ideas to help you make a workshop that really works. With contributions by Christian Becksvoort, Chris Gochnour, Matt Kenney and many more, it covers the broad aspects of workshop layout and storage for tools and materials, as well as finer points such as workbench design and construction, and choosing work-holding fixtures best suited to the work that you do most.

It delves into the technical details of heating and cooling systems, setting up a woodshop in an outbuilding and configuring a dust-collection network. It includes plans and instructions for several projects, such as tool and storage cabinets, work supports and a sturdy, comfortable shop stool. There is even an entire chapter that compiles dozens of the best workshop tips submitted by Fine Woodworking readers. A practical guide to making the most of any woodworking space, regardless of size.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 218 pages, 2019.

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