For anyone contemplating a kitchen makeover, this book offers a wealth of ideas and helpful advice for designing, building and renovating.

Beginning with a brief history of Western kitchen design over the centuries, designer-cabinetmaker Hiller urges readers to consider factors such as the style of their home and resources they may already possess in order to avoid wasting materials.

She gives practical design tips for woodworkers on how to optimize usable space in tricky areas such as corner cabinets, and explains how to make non-structural alterations including refacing existing storage. She also provides instructions for building a simple kitchen island and a plate rack, fitting a wooden counter and making a linoleum countertop.

For period-inspired kitchens, Hiller focuses on the home’s history and offers guidance for researching the original design, noting historical aspects of cabinetry to consider such as hardware position and molding profiles. A full-color portfolio of designs examines the social and architectural contexts of the kitchens featured and lists the designers, builders, sources and service providers involved in each project.

Hardcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 368 pages, 2020.

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