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An in-depth tutorial with renowned pyrography artist Sue Walters, this two-DVD set guides you through every step in creating your own detailed wood-burned drawing of a red-tailed hawk. A 16-page companion booklet includes two patterns to help get you started, along with photos illustrating 60 textures that can be rendered with only four basic nibs used in various ways.

With Walters' expert advice, you will learn how to apply those strokes to complete the project. Each of 10 skill-building steps focuses on a particular technique, which you can adapt to other woodburning projects. Detailed close-ups of the nib making contact with the wood clearly show the precise movements used to achieve a wide range of artistic effects.

An excellent foundation for anyone getting started in pyrography, and of great value for those wishing to refine their techniques. Set includes two DVDs and a booklet. Length: 110 minutes.