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A revised edition of Schwarz’s definitive book on planes and their use, this large volume compiles years of his writings into one reference. It covers everything you need to know to choose hand planes and use them effectively. Packed with techniques and tips, it lays out Schwarz’s detailed approach to flattening, smoothing, edging and jointing, and devotes an entire chapter to sharpening planes and scrapers.

Also of great value is a collection of his tool reviews, discussing the merits of several bench planes, exotic planes, joinery planes and molding planes, as well as specialty planes made by major manufacturers and individual craftsmen. Both a comprehensive how-to guide for woodworkers and an invaluable reference for tool collectors, it includes hundreds of photographs in rich sepia-tone effects.

Hardcover, 8" × 11", 352 pages, 2017. An engaging and informative compilation.

Also available in French.

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