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While recent trends in woodworking have revived interest in the use of hand tools, Spagnuolo advocates an approach that balances traditional tools with modern machinery, taking advantage of the strengths of each.

He suggests practical principles you can apply to nearly any woodworking project, using power tools for tasks such as milling, dimensioning and roughcutting lumber and using hand tools for work demanding greater finesse. He outlines factors to consider when choosing tools for any project and lists essential tools from each category, along with advice on using them safely and efficiently. He then delves into the specifics of using a combined approach to make dadoes, rabbets or grooves, mortise-and-tenon joints, dovetails, curved cuts and more, supplemented by plenty of tips and color photos.

To demonstrate how he brings these techniques together in the workshop, the last chapter presents a brief overview of four projects (a platform bed, a split-top Roubo-style workbench, a wall cabinet and an Adirondack chair).

Softcover, 8" × 11", 191 pages, 2013.