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Ideal for delicate wood carving, these tools can also be used for block cutting and linoleum.

To give them a razor edge, all tools are finish ground and honed.

At 5 1/4" long overall, they have comfortable hardwood handles that allow excellent control. The set of six includes:

  • a 5/16" bent chisel
  • a 3/8" bent skew
  • a 3/8" straight chisel
  • a 1/8" #6 gouge
  • a 1/8" 60° bent parting tool
  • a 5/16" #5 bent gouge

The tools are made by Henry Taylor Tools Ltd. of Sheffield. They are hand forged, which results in a fine-grained steel that holds an edge well and will last a lifetime if given normal care. All tools have brass ferrules and select beech or pau marfim handles. Due to the hand forging, sizes are nominal and shapes may vary slightly.

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