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Push chisels are driven by hand for paring cuts and fine fitting of joints. Produced with great care and attention to detail, these are hand forged at Koyamaichi Blade Works, a family-owned business that has made reliable, practical woodworking tools for over a century.

These bevel-edged paring chisels are superbly balanced for precise control, with a center of gravity at or just below the blade shoulder. Their long necks allow you to make cuts at a distance from an edge, especially useful when dressing tenons, flush-trimming projections or cleaning the sides of a mortise.

They have laminated blades that combine a high-carbon Yasuki white steel face (hardened to Rc65-66) with a softer steel back for strength. The long red oak handles offer comfortable grip and improve control; they are canted for surface clearance. The tapered, socket-like ferrules reinforce the blade-to-handle connection.

As these chisels are hand forged, they may vary in size by ±1mm. Approximate Imperial sizes listed in brackets.

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