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To eliminate the need for frequent adjustment, these toggle clamps from Bessey are designed to automatically accommodate material thickness changes of up to 1" without altering the clamping force.

The high-profile and low-profile horizontal clamps have capacities of 2 3/4" and 2" thick respectively and the vertical clamp has a 1 9/16" capacity; the in-line clamp has a center height of 7/8" and a 1" throw. Each has a knurled screw to adjust the clamping force to a maximum of 550 lb. The clamps are 0.100" (just over 3/32") thick plated steel with generously sized handles for easy operation. The swivel feet have non-marring caps. Convenient and versatile, these clamps expedite production and jig and fixture work.

The mounting plate (paired with a clamp here, but also available separately) lets you easily position the clamp in a drilled hole instead of permanently attaching it to a surface. The thickness of the aluminum plate adds 3/8" to the maximum capacity of the horizontal clamps, but doesn't affect their minimum; you can still adjust the clamps to hold materials as thin as a sheet of paper against a surface. The center height of the in-line clamp is increased to 1 1/4". Bolts for mounting a clamp are included.

You have the option of a 3/4" or 20mm diameter steel post. The 3/4" version has a 5" long post that is easy to insert, but cants slightly when clamping force is applied so that barb-shaped ridges along its length prevent upward movement. The 20mm version, developed for the Festool MFT/3 multifunction table, has a shorter 11/16" long post, just less than the table top's 3/4" thickness. The post is threaded internally for use with an MFT accessory clamping knob; while most MFT owners have a few kicking around, an inexpensive star-shaped knob can also be purchased separately.

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