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Compatible with any Bessey auto-adjust toggle clamp that uses a horizontal base plate*, this simple adapter lets you mount the clamp on a Festool MFT, or in any 20mm dog hole drilled in material 19mm to 25mm (3/4" to 1") thick.

The three-piece fitting consists of an M8 × 8.2mm through-bolt that threads into the clamp’s mounting hole, a 20mm dia. × 17mm tall through-drilled aluminum post that occupies the dog hole, and a stout plastic knurled knob with a threaded brass insert to secure the fitting from below the table.

* Works with Bessey horizontal toggle clamps STC-HH50 & STC-HH70, in-line clamp STC-IHH25, and small vertical toggle clamp STC-VH50.

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