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  • Workpieces can be turned up to 360° and swivelled up to 90°
  • Sensitive surfaces can be clamped without damaging them
  • Workpieces up to 30kg per clamping unit are clamped firmly and safely
  • Can be extended with SE2 Clamping Module
  • Fast changing of workpiece clamping
  • Four different vacuum plate sizes; can be changed without tools
  • Simple ventilation of the vacuum plate using the foot valve
  • Clamping unit 1 clamps workpieces with sizes up to 1m x 1m


Main Applications:

  • Clamping without leaving a trace
  • For working ergonomically on your workpieces
  • For use in milling, sanding, planing, sawing, smoothing, filling and painting
  • For use in the workshop or during installation


VAC Sys System Includes:

  • VAC Sys SE 1 Clamping Module
  • Foot valve

VAC Sys System Set Includes:

  • VAC Sys SE 1 Clamping Module
  • Foot valve
  • VAC Sys SE2 Clamping Module

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Technical Data for VAC SYS System

Pressure: 150 mbar

Pump Capacity: 2.06 CFM (3.5 m3/h)

Power Consumption: 120 watts/1 amp, 120 V AC

Noise (Sound Level): 55 dBA

Motor Speed: 3,300 RPM

Pump Speed: 3,600 RPM

Ambient Temperature Range: 41° F - 104° F (5° C - 40° C)

Ambient Pressure: Atmospheric Pressure

Weight: 20.4 lbs (9.25 kg)