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This clamp has jaws that can both be quickly positioned along the beam. The jaw that would be fixed on a standard clamp has a push button on the jaw end that operates a clutch mechanism that allows rapid repositioning. Both heads stay where positioned when not under load. The clamp handle has a co-molded exterior that provides a solid grip, and a 6mm hex insert in the handle end for driving with a drill or using a hex key for additional torque.

The 2" wide by 5 3/4" long replaceable pads give a larger surface area for pressure distribution. Throat depth is a generous 3 3/4". The end stop on the steel bar helps stabilize the clamp in use and detaches to allow reversal of the screw jaw for spreading.

Two glue-resistant rail protection pads keep the rail from contacting the work, elevate the rail away from squeeze-out, and have through-holes for use with optional hold-down clamps to temporarily affix the clamp to a workbench or other surface up to 2" thick. Other available accessories include wide soft-face tilting jaws, a set of 90° clamping blocks, and an aluminum extender that allows two clamps to be joined end to end.

The internal steel frame allows a clamping force of up to 1700 lb and a working load limit of 2200 lb. Size given is the maximum clamping capacity. Assembled in the USA.


Weights of Bessey Vario K-Body REVO Clamps

40" Clamp: 8.5 lb

60" Clamp: 9.6 lb

78" Clamp: 11.7 lb

98" Clamp: 13.9 lb

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