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With greater utility than most trigger clamps, this versatile one-handed version has detachable parts that let you reconfigure the clamp without tools, for use with a track or for typical squeezing and spreading applications.

The top of the head features a guide that fits grooves measuring from 12mm × 6.5mm to 12mm × 8mm, compatible with most track saws.

A quick-adjust button lets you easily remove and invert the head to form an effective clamp with up to 100 lb (45kg) clamping force and a 6" clamping capacity, or attach it to the opposite end to create a convenient spreader with a 4 3/4" to 12" capacity.

The pump lever is located behind the rail and is equipped with a trigger for easy adjustments. The included adapter provides an additional 1 3/4" extension to either the top or bottom jaw sections to facilitate step-over clamping when dealing with a lip or obstruction.

The jaws are fitted with plastic pads to prevent them from marring your work, and their grooved surface makes them useful for clamping oddly shaped profiles.

Throat depth is 2 3/8".

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