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Until now, making accurately sized dowels has been beyond the ability of the small shop and, in fact, beyond the ability of much of the dowel-making industry. Commonly available dowel rod is made from a milling process that is imprecise at best and wildly inaccurate at worst. We sell good dowels but that is not common. As broad as our selection is, it is still limited in the number of sizes and woods.

The Veritas dowel maker lets you make perfectly sized dowels from 1/4" to 1" dia. in 1/16" increments, up to 4' long (or longer in the larger diameters) from any wood species you wish. The process uses two blades (both highly wear-resistant A2 tool steel), one for roughing and the other for final sizing. You just rip square stock 1/8" oversize and drive it through the dowel maker using a square socket drive in an electric drill. Following simple instructions, you set the two blades for the size you want, make a short section of dowel and then adjust the finishing blade to bring the dowel to exact size. Then run what you need. The fine adjustment is required since woods of different densities have different fiber springback when cut.

The cast and anodized aluminum body of the dowel maker comes drilled to make 1" dia. dowel and includes both 1" and 15/16" steel guide bushings. The range of blade adjustment lets you make dowel as much as 1/16" undersize (frequently an advantage when you want it slightly undersize for a sliding fit) so we include a 1/16" undersize guide bushing because the additional cost is minimal.

The body of the dowel maker incorporates micrometer adjustments in both blade-fixing mechanisms. Also included is a simple jig for precise replacement of blades when they have to be removed for sharpening. The body can be held in a vise, bolted to a bench, or anchored through a 3/4" dog hole using the optional dog assembly.

The basic dowel maker comes with the body and blades, a 1 1/8" square socket drive with drive adapter, 1" and 15/16" guide bushings, a wrench and hex keys. Optional inserts are available separately.

The master set comes with the inserts and bushings necessary for the 13 dowel sizes from 1/4" to 1" in 1/16" increments, all in a fitted case that holds everything except the bulky main body. The case is also available separately if you choose to build your set over time.


Made in Canada.

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