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Founded in the 1920s, Liogier combines traditional handcrafting skills with modern manufacturing materials to produce rasps of exceptional quality and durability.

Essentially a flat, safe-edged file with straight milled teeth, this bed float is used by plane makers for flattening and smoothing the bed and breast of wooden bench planes. It can also be used for similarly precise tasks, such as for trimming joinery tenons to an exact fit.

The 190mm × 24mm (about 7 1/2" × 15/16") steel blade cuts on the push stroke and is affixed to a stained beechwood handle with a brass ferrule. Heat-treated to retain its sharpness through long use, it has hand-sharpened teeth that cut aggressively yet leave a smooth surface, and can be resharpened with a small saw file as needed.

Made in France.

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