This is an effective vacuum press for small projects. It is ideal for veneer and marquetry work, and for bending thin plies over a curved form.

Originally developed for building skateboards, the system includes a 20 mil thick, 26" × 28" heavy-duty vinyl vacuum bag with an integral one-way valve attachment, a length of breather netting (to prevent trapped air), two rolls of butyl rubber sealing tape, a hand pump, and instructions.

The press is easy to use; you glue and lay up the project, sheathe it with the breather netting, place all within the vinyl bag, seal the open end of the bag with the butyl rubber tape, then suck the air from the bag using the hand pump attached to the one-way valve. The vacuum creates ample pressure for most laminate work (about 12 psi at sea level, slightly less at higher altitudes).

All components are reusable, but additional bags, sealing tape and netting are available separately for production work. An optional 14" × 48" bag is also available for long, narrow pieces. In all, a simple and inexpensive vacuum-press system.

Made in Canada.

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