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This knife is a favorite with professionals. With a name inspired from the German word for dolphin, the Delphin knife looks just like one.

It has a cast and hinged aluminum body that is both arched and tapered, with a flared end that creates a firm mechanical lock when gripped comfortably. A trapped wheel is used to draw the halves together to clamp down on the blade, allowing for tool-free blade replacement.

The 6 1/2" handle has an internal blade storage well that holds up to 15 spare blades, and an embedded rare-earth magnet near the nose holds the blade in place while the knife is being opened or closed.

Supplied with a plastic holster with integral clip. An excellent and durable tool that can be used hard. Accepts standard trapezoid utility knife blades; a package of 10 in a dispenser cartridge is available separately.

Highly recommended. Made in Germany.

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