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Turned in a small workshop in Paya, Honduras, these mallets are the product of a unique development initiative by GreenWood, a non-profit organization that promotes the sustainable use of timber resources in remote areas of Central and South America.

Crafted by local artisans, they are made from selectively harvested tree species that have been largely overlooked by conventional forestry operations. Though the mallets are made from dense woods with often challenging grain patterns, each displays superb craftsmanship, with no evidence of tear-out or other flaws.

Designed by Lee Valley, the form is that of a traditional carver’s mallet, meant for tapping chisels without damaging the handles, or for similar tasks requiring more finesse than power. The head’s bellied profile helps ensure solid point contact, and the radiused corners help prevent chipping. The contoured handle fits nicely in the palm, or you can choke up on your grip, nestling the head in your palm for finer control. With either style of grip, the tool feels beautifully balanced in the hand.

We are pleased to offer our customers these high-quality mallets. Not only are the woodworkers who make these mallets well paid for their work, but we are also donating 100% of the proceeds from our sales to GreenWood to help expand their efforts to other regions.

They are available in three sizes as well as in a set of three (one each of the small, medium and large). The measurements given are approximate length by head diameter. As with any handmade product, dimensions may vary slightly.

Our stock is mixed, so any mallet you order may be made from any of five woods. As a result, the weights also vary, depending on the density of the wood used.

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