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Combining innovative engineering with advanced manufacturing methods, this tool covers an array of layout and machine set-up tasks, all with one compact unit. It serves the functions of a try square, center-finding rule, protractor, bevel, depth gauge, height gauge and marking gauge, with each element integrated into the overall design to perform effectively in its own right.

Precisely milled for accuracy, it has stocks and gauge blades made of anodized aluminum, with a hardened stainless-steel bevel blade that resists scoring from a marking knife, and deeply etched markings for clarity and durability.

The protractor scale is graduated in 0.5° increments over a 45° range, with markings for 1:6 and 1:8 dovetail slopes, as well as the miter angles needed to produce four-, five-, six- and eight-sided polygons. The indicator arm locks firmly in position with both a knurled thumbscrew and a cam lever, and the reference leg has a 90° lip that permits accurate registration when setting the bit angle on a drill press.

It has a combined height and depth gauge with a 3" range, graduated in 1/32" increments. It can also be used as a marking gauge by scribing with an awl or marking knife (not included) registered against a sliding guide block that can be set up to 2 3/4" from a reference edge, positioned along a scale graduated in millimetre and 1/32" increments.

The guide block can also flipped to form a standoff that projects from the face of the tool at the same height as the registration lip along the tool’s lower edge. This allows you to use the tool on its side, holding it level and stable on a machine table, such as when setting a tablesaw miter gauge.

The tool’s lower edge also serves as a center-finding rule, with opposing metric scales arranged on either side of a center mark that simplify finding dead center of stock up to 140mm (5 1/2") wide.

Rare-earth magnets in the base reliably attach to any ferrous surface to hold it in position hands-free, yet allow easy repositioning or removal with just a firm tug.

This right-hand version permits angular measurement from the right side of a reference surface such as a table-saw blade. A left-hand version is available separately.

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