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Not just for depth measurement, these versatile gauges can also be used for setting the position of fences or plotting the placement of hardware – anywhere you need a reliable reading from a reference surface. We offer the basic depth gauge in Imperial or metric, as well as two depth/angle gauges (Imperial only), each with a rule that rotates for setting to 30°, 45° or 60° left or right.

All gauges have hardened steel heads and removable machine-divided rules made of tempered steel. At just 3/16" wide, the rules can reach into dowel holes, narrow mortises or other confined spaces. One of the angle gauges comes with a hook rule, allowing it to double as a caliper or thickness gauge, and a 6" rod for measuring the depth of smaller holes.

A knurled knob reliably locks the setting, and one face of the head has a cutout to permit easier reading. Imperial rules are graduated in 32nds on one side and 64ths on the other; the metric rule has millimetres on one face and half-millimetres on the reverse. Maximum ruler projection is about 5"/125mm.

Made in USA.