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Displaying 1/2" high numerals on an LCD screen, this caliper is easy to read.

With all the usual caliper functions (including depth measurement), it also converts back and forth among decimal inches, fractional inches and millimetres at the touch of a button. It can be locked for measurement transfer using the integral thumbscrew and zeroes at any point for differential measuring.

Available in a compact 4" length that slips easily into an apron pocket, or in a 6" length for general use. Each version is graduated in 0.0005", 0.01mm, or 1/128" increments; accurate to 0.001" or 0.03mm.

Automatically displays reduced fractions, eliminating the need for mental arithmetic. Has an on/off button but automatically shuts off after five minutes to conserve battery power. Hardened stainless steel.

Comes with a plastic storage case, instructions and a spare battery.

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