Accessibility Statement


These levels are conveniently sized for storage in a shirt or apron pocket.

With rounded corners and ends, the 3 1/2" long pocket level is steel with a satin nickel finish. It has a hexagonal shape to prevent it from rolling. An integral bar across the vial helps shield it from damage.

Cast iron with a non-glare black wrinkle finish, the 2 3/4" × 2 3/4" cross-test level has a machined sole and two vials at a right angle for levelling in two axes. The 2" × 3" cross-test level and plumb is cast iron with a satin nickel finish. It has accurately machined working surfaces, with two vials on one face at a right angle for leveling in two axes and a third vial on a perpendicular face to check for level and plumb.

All are made in USA.