The toolmaking branch of Lost Art Press, Crucible Tool produces hand tools using modern manufacturing methods and materials to improve on traditional designs. Made in the USA with a focus on innovation and craftsmanship, their practical tools are developed and refined by experienced toolmakers and woodworkers.

Inspired by a set of 20th-century English design curves, this version of the classic drawing aid is laser cut from distortion-resistant bamboo material. The five-ply laminated and cross-bonded construction affords strength and dimensional stability, allowing the curves to maintain their flatness.

Similar to traditional wooden curves, the bamboo material stays put on your drawing paper without sliding, so you can accurately draw various curved lines. You can also mark start and stop points or jot notes on the bamboo surface and erase them later.

The set includes one large curve about 12" long and two smaller curves 8" and 5" long. An excellent addition to any collection of design tools.

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