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Transferring a line from one surface to another perpendicular surface with a small square is never easy. Our saddle square solves this problem by allowing you to scribe two perpendicular surfaces at a time. It also lets you pick up on a line already scribed and accurately transfer it to another face perpendicular to it.

We have two sizes available, both made of anodized aluminum with end faces machined square to within 1/4°. The original patented square is 2" wide with 1 1/4" and 2 1/4" inside legs; it can be used to wrap a line around workpieces up to almost double this.

To accommodate a standard 2 × 4, we also offer a larger square with 1 3/8" and 3 3/8" legs. A slot machined through the center helps lay out stud locations.

Simply mark the centers of your studs on the top and bottom plate, place the square with the slot on the center mark, then mark both sides of the square; it is 1 1/2" wide so the marks will fit nominal 2" lumber.

Made in Canada.

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